Mulu Wongel Amagnoch Church

Monitoring, Evaluation & Communication Department

Monitoring, Evaluation & Communication Department

The Monitoring, Evaluation and Communication department works under the office of the Commissioner and implement the Monitoring, Evaluation and Communication activities, in general.
More specifically, however, the department coordinate with the Regional Development Managers and Program staff to ensure the timely collection of data from project site, develop and implement data collection plan and establishes a baseline, develop appropriate indicators to monitor the performance of the various components of EMWACDC’s projects and to measure the impact of the component activities, Design, implement and improve Monitoring and Evaluation programs for the projects, assist with the development of monthly, quarterly, and annual monitoring and evaluation collection and analysis plans, identify problems of implementation in EMWACDC projects and suggest solutions, help with the dissemination of Monitoring and Evaluation and research results to key stakeholders through the appropriate channels, forums and medias, and assist in the provision of data for internal and external project evaluations.

Abinet Girma
Monitoring, Evaluation and Communication Coordinator

About Us

EMWACDC is a non-governmental organization, initiated in 1993 and established at country level in January 1995 with the aim of serving the whole person.

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